Sunday, August 19, 2007

Myklebustelva - Norway

How I spent my summer vacation..... Jordie Mckenzie, Myklebustelva - Norway

The Norway whitewater experience is always an adventure full of sweet lines and surprises. This year has been no different except for the fact the tap has yet to be turned off. Many rivers are still banging out huge flows. With lots of water brings the search for new descents in a land where water runs down anything with gradient. Norweigans are proud of their land and those who go hunting for the treasure of slides and drops sometimes find secret spots right in the backyard. Øivind Kleppe and Nils Hjelme were kind enough to tell us of their secret after work spot. Having seen only a handful of descents, the Myklebustelva is a tributary to the classic Valdolla, lurking in fjords of More Og Romsdal.

Although only given directions by mouth, an hour's stroll through mossy enchanted forest revealed more than I had hoped for. A dozen or more drops packed into less than a kilometer of distance - a park and slide 5 star hotel. After 3 bombs down a run with only small pools keeping the drops from being one giant slide, safe to say the grin on everyone's face was wider than the crystal creek they had just paddled.

Just like back home, the Norway 'mission' will always be here.....long live the search.