Thursday, April 29, 2004

Little White Salmon, WA - USA

If you ever are in the Portland Oregon area and the creek boat is on your roof, you mustn't pass a chance on the Little White Salmon River. Most certainly, the Little White ranks up there with the best creeks in overall class V creek quality, and season length. It along with the main White Salmon river, are located within an easy 25 min. drive across the Columbia River from Hood River Oregon, which is about an hour east of Portland.

Spirit Falls awaits kayakers who want to huck near the end of the run. Posted by Hello

After pushing Mariann and Morten's out-of-gas van over the last remaining summit entering Oregon State from California, we cruised down into the night and arrived in Hood River the next morning. After some coffee, we took the toll bridge across the Columbia River and headed west down to the fish hatchery on Northwestern Lake which is the takeout. For the ultimate description of the Little White Salmon River, you can read in detail about this river and over 100 more located in the Pacific Northwest. Check out: Oregon Kayaking

Girls playing with beers and laptops at the takeout after an epic on the Little White Salmon Posted by Hello