Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Pichilemu - Chile

Surf's up in Chile...... photographs by David Manning. Posted by Hello

After hearing rumors about Chile's epic Ocean surf, Michelle and I again loaded up our van with fellow roadies David, Scott and Dirty Tom and headed back north 7 hrs from Pucon to Pichilemu on the Chile's central coast. The boys were just back from the Rio Futaleufu and Pichilemu would be their last destination before they flew back home to Calgary. When we arrived, we discovered a fun little Chilean beach town well known by Santiascos who flock here during their holidays in January and February. When we arrived however, the beaches were scarce and most turistas had already returned home to their normal routines. First up for us was finding a cheap hotel and then renting some more beach toys. Nearing the end of our voyages, our kayaks were limited to one creeker and one playboat between a bunch of us. David and Dirty Tom found some surf boards to rent the next morning so we were excited to see some hilarious carnage over the next few days.

Dirty Tom and David with their Pichilemu rental sticks Posted by Hello

Pichilemu has two significant beaches which wrap around some rocky points and create amazing left to right breaks. Most people would be happy at the main beach in the town, however Punta del Lobos is about 10km to the South and there the waves are even larger. Before he took to board surfing, Dirty Tom fired off some astonishing rides in the Dagger Nomad creeker that Scott was taking back to Canada.

Tom Faucher showing how a creekboat can surf the Ocean. Posted by Hello

Overall the beaches and waves of Pichilemu offer a change from the inland mountains and rivers. If you are traveling through Chile with some paddling friends check this spot out. Pichilemu is about 100km west from the Panamerican Highway (5) and there are multiple access routes in between the cities of Rancagua and Teno. Learn more about surfing Pichilemu here.

Dropping in with the Dagger FX Posted by Hello